Scope of Application :
- On the clinical, checkup with vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts
- 1/4 High resolution color digital CCD
-Automatic focus and manual focus control.
- Video output.
-Automatically adjust white balance.
-LED light source, brightness adjustable
-Light Sourc e I l lum ination not less than 1200 Lux
-Light Source I rradiated surface temperature not exceed 41
-Work distance 200mm 400mm.
-Display S creen R esolution not less than 1024 768 pixel.
-Camera Resolution : >4 8 0 lines
-Camera Magnification continuously adjustable from 1 to 264 times.
-Signal noise ratio of lens : >=50dB
-Focusing distance : 10~800mm
-Magnification times : >=252 times
-Power supply : AC220V 10%10%, 50Hz 2%.
-Input power not more than 200VA.


-Stand: upper arm can be up and down vertically.
-Footswitch: capture pictures convenient and flexible
-Control H andle : With control handle design, when inconveni ent to use mouse operation,can handle the images zoom in and out, focus far and f ocus near etc
-Security Category: photographic equipment Class II.
-Abundant image database of cases (up to 175 kinds), convenient for doctor to make a comparative analysis.
-Advanced image processing technology, can achieve the functions of mark, area
calculation, zoom in and out.
-With the editing functions of access images, freezing, collection, delete images, etc.
-Images can be collected continuously, and display a numbe r of images on the same screen and convenient to contrast, full screen display.
-The reports can be printed into multiple formats.
-C amera software, computer, monitor, printer, trolley



3.000,00$ Standardpreis
  • If any Specific Contry have the Entry Tax for this Product . the Perticuler tax has to be Given by the Customer . we can give confrimation regardng this after receiving the Order .