Full support perspective, gastrointestinal spot film, GI (barium meal, barium enema), orthopedic photography, pediatrics photography, chest, urinary system angiography, peripheral angiography operations, gynecological Photography (HSG) and many other checks, the real machine can realize all these function. Work station

Integrated combined operation handle, can easily control the bed body, image system and the movement of rotary pedal, spot film;1)The table body can +90 degrees to 0 to -25 degrees rotate.2)Humanized design of diagnosis bedside switch operation, can control the table body and imaging system movement, so that the close table inspection is convenient and easy operation;3)Spot film device and imaging system movement range more than 720 mm,4)Adopts the operation of the machine move, but the patient don't need move, can easily finish from the throat, esophagus to the lower abdomen of a series of inspections;5)Cassette trolley can test cassette size by itself, a key can completely finish the insert piece, save space, convenient and fast;Image processing system mega pixels, with digital workstation Digital system1)The system has excellent performance and high quality images, from the fluroscopy,spot film, sequence of all digital photography2).Digital continuous/pulse fluroscopy: 1024 x 1024 matrix, 12 bit, 30 frames /s, with the function of LIHHigh quality digital spot film: 1024 x 1024 matrix, 12 bit, with the function of AECSequence of high-speed photography collection: 1024 x 1024 matrix, 12 bit, 1 to 30 frames/s3).Advanced digital image processing functions4).Pre-loaded with Windows XP professional edition operating system and the professional image processing software.5)Image playback: the thumbnail display and playback sequence playback tools, digital subtraction angiography (DSA).6)Image processing: window width/window adjustment, arrow, text annotations, Angle, distance measurement, image scaling, translation, flip, flip, rotate up and down, around black and white and reverse, subtraction mask option.7)Image storage: real-time image storage, DICOM image to send, copy CD, export storage (can choose various storage format Bitmap, jpeg, AVI, etc directly used in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint and other office software, convenient the doctor diagnosis report and essay writing).8)DICOM3.0: can connect laser camera printing film and the PACS network.9)Medical records management: database management and graphic report, support the WORKLIST

High Frequency Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy System (630mA)

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    X-ray tube








    Diagnostic table




    Image intensifier




    CCD Camera




    Fixed flat panel detector




    DR workstation




    DSI workstation




    Colorful LCD display

    Dell 19 inch


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    Technical Parameters

    Power Supply







    Internal Resistance


    High frequency high voltage x-ray generator



    Inverter Frequency

    60 KHz

    Tube voltage

    40kV—150kV step adjustment

    Tube current

    10mA—630mA step adjustment


    1.0ms—6300ms step adjustment


    0.2 mAs500 mAs

    Control Interface

    40kV—120kV continuous adjust

    Control Handle

    0.5mA—6mA continuous adjust

    X-ray tube assembly

    Tube Focus:big/small

    1.2mm /0.6mm

    Input power

    Big Focus/50kW   Small focus/20kW

    Anode thermal capacity


    Anode Rotation Speed


    Micro-computer control digital tube remote diagnostic table


    Table rotate Movement range


    Table transverse movement distance


    Longitudinal movement distance of radiography frame and spot film device



    11001500 mm

    Rotated foot pedal

    two grades electric adjustment

    Size of film photography

    8″×10 ″—14″×17″

    Point film segmentation way

    Full film, half dividing, three parts dividing, four parts dividing

    Compressor stress

    80N  130N

    Rotary foot plate

    ±360º  Infinite rotation

    Table transverse movement distance

    Electric multi-leaf

    Fixed grid

    Grid density: 103L/INCH, Ratio: 10:1, convergence distance 120 cm

    stationary type :15” ×18”, changeable

    Flat Panel Detector

    Fixed Flat Panel Detector

    Material: CsI (cesium iodide);

    Limiting resolution: ≥3.5lp / mm

    Effective area: 430(H) × 430 (V);

    Pixel Matrix: 3072 (H) × 3072 (V);

    Pixel pitch: 139 μm

    A / D conversion: 14 bit

    DR software

    DR0C workstation software

    Basic: Change the console user password, edit the user to capture images.

    Additional operations: add a new review, edit, check the current information, adding a new position to change the order of image acquisition, switching, multi-checking protocol manual adjustment between the exposure, automatic exposure control mode, select focal spot size, select the patient size, check heat capacity tube and choose ESA or symphony process, modify ESA (exam-specific algorithm) curve, crop the image, add notes (the Notes were sent to DICOM workstations), to add the image position marker, rotate, or flip the image, full size observed image to view the patient information and exposure dose, accept or reject the image.

    Image Management: change the list order in which basic patient information editing After exposure, the query history image, re-transmission history image, reprint of historical images, access image additional information, re-preview of historical images, management was rejected image, space reclamation strategy, protect images manually delete images

    Systems management: the user to edit, modify user password, emergency registration settings, view statistics, detector calibration, device control, output queue management, image measurement.

    Image intensifier digital imaging system

    Image Intensifier

    Toshiba 9/ 6 / 4.5

    high resolution CCD digital cameras

    ultra-low-lightstandard 0.4 mega-pixel


    Image Workstation Software

    Basic functions: New cases; add record; modify records; query the database inspection records; query conditions are selected; delete cases; delete cases image; inquiries list of cases; worklist importing records; history checking editor; image transmission; delete images; exporting images.

    Perspective collection: the last frame holding; 25 / S perspective; a perspective image is saved after the end of the frame;

    Sequence sheet collection point: a single frame of the spot-film; a / S, 3 Zhen / S, 6 Zhen / S point sheet.

    Image playback function: an image display; display the next frame; Movie playback; pause; speed up playback; slow down the playback speed; display subtracted image; setting subtraction mask.

    Image processing functions: image selection; image zoom; image translation; image cropping; anti-color image; flip horizontal; vertical flip; image deletion; counterclockwise rotation; clockwise rotation; distance measurements; angle measurement; the arrow drawn; the left / right dimension ; remove the comment; window width and position; image enhancement; Quick tool bar.

    Film Printing: increase the image; insert an image; delete images; clear image; print format; film print settings; film format settings; add, modify, delete the printer settings.

    Report editing functions: the patient's basic information editing; previous report, previous reports import report, preview, preview page setup; add, delete, inspection equipment; increase the inspection site; modify the examination site; deleted examination site; increased Classification of Diseases; modify Classification of Diseases ; deleted classification of diseases; increased reporting template; modify report templates; delete a report template.

    Medical use gray scale display

    Screen size: 19 "(48cm)

    Type: diagnostic, LCD, black and white

    Resolution: 1280x1024

    Maximum brightness: 1000cd / m

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