This machine is applied to take radiography on every part of human body, such as head, limbs, chest, limbus and abdomen and etc.





frequency X-ray machine

Output power


Main inverter frequency


X-ray tube

Dual-focus X-ray tube

Small focus:0.6 Large focus:1.2

Output power


Anode Capacity


Anode Angle


Speed of rotating anode


Tube Current

10mA - 650mA

Tube voltage




Exposure Time 





Digital Image System



Digital Detector

Field of view



3K X 3K

Ultimate spatial resolution


Pixel size


Output grayscale


Imaging time


Image Workstation

Acquisition module

Inside enhancement module

Image information management

Dicomimage transmission

Dicomfilm printing

Dicomimage storage (hard disk, compact disk)

Mechanical structure  and performance


Vertical movement range

≥1250 mm (motorized control)

Focus-screen movement range

1000mm-1800mm (motorized control)

Rotation range

-40°-+130° (motorized control)

Detector rotation


Photography table


Table size


Table height


Transverse movement

200mm (electromagneticlock)

Longitudinal movement

100mm (electromagnetic lock)

Power supply

380V 50/60Hz

High Frequency Digital Radiography X-ray System

Artikelnummer: SERIES : NEXT 3002
  • Product Details

    1. Type of generator and X-ray tube

    a)      Advanced 60kHz high frequency high voltage type generator, realize 1ms instant exposure, high performance.

    b)      Three exposure method free change: KV, mAstwo adjustment, KV,mA, s three adjustment and AEC function, to satisfy different habit of different doctors.

    c)      Rotate double anode 0.6/1.2, with high heat capacity of 300KHU

    d)      Digital micro-processed closed loop control and malfunction alarming system to reduce the dose of X-ray, protect the patients and doctors very well.

    e)      LCD touch screen, beautiful appearance and convenience to operate. 

    2. Flat Panel Detector

    a)     Apply with A-Si (Amorphous silicon) Toshiba imported Flat panel detector, which could give perfect digital images directly.

    b)      3K×3K Acquisition matrix, 143um pixels size, and 3.6Lp/mm ultimate spatial resolution, with DQE values ≥67%

    c)      Shortest imaging time ≤ 15s

    d)      17〞×17〞Large acquisition area and with the non-center processing technology, no matter the center and border, the quality of the image is the same.

    e)      The detector could be rotated ±45 degree along the axis direction, to satisfy the different photograph requirement of every body parts, such as Ankle joint, lateral spine

    f)       The detector has the self-protection function. It can stop to move when it detect the distance in front of the barrier. 

    3. Digital Working Station

    a)     Case registration: Auto registration, equipped with Dicom Worklist SCU. To simplify the input process for doctors, greatly reduce the amount of labour and greatly improve the working efficiency

    b)      ImageAcquisition: Automatic window adjustment, Automatic cropping, Automatic transmit.

    c)      Image Processing: Tissue equilibrium, W/L adjustment, Gamma correction, interest district, reversed phase, noise reduction, smooth, sharpen, pseudo color, edge extraction, shadow compensation, filter nuclear, single window, dual-window, four windows, movement, right rotated 90°,left rotated 90°,level mirror image, vertical mirror image, magnifying glass, image zooming, reset, layer information, label character, drawing label, length measurement, angle measurement, rectangular length, rectangular area, elliptic length, elliptic area.

    d)      Dicom Image Transmit, Dicom Image Storage, Dicom Image viewing, Dicom Image printing.

    e)      Convenient to connected to the PACS system

  • Operation System

    a)     Be equipped with 24〞imported LCD high resolution monitor screen,the delicate and richness degree of image is far higher than the normal medical monitor.International advanced level.

    b)      Brightness and Contrast are higher than 1000NIT, far higher than the normal LCD screen of 400 NIT.

    c)      These features can make the doctor diagnose more accurate and smooth.

    d)      Human graphical touchable screen. Just need a slight click on the human body position and shape, the parameters can be set easily.

    e)      Be equipped with the microphone and remote exposure control. The doctor can control outside the operating room.

    f)       Be equipped with various set of infrared facilities to protect the machine from the mis-operation of the doctors.


    Mechanical Movement

    a)      The self-designed and manufactured electric U-arm mainframe can move up and down, and rotate in a wide range, which can satisfy the requirements of multi-site photography.

    b)      Adopting original Italian geared motor, the features are reliable performance, lower noise, longer service life.

    c)      The unique three three-dimension and three independent control system, can achieve one-key reposition.

    d)      For Close-distance Range, the operator can operate the machine by the film key on the combined generators and X-ray tube; For Middle Distance Range, can operate by the hand controller; For Long-distance Range can operate by the touchable LCD screen outside the operating room

    Standard Configuration

    New design U arm frame      1 unit

    High voltage high generator    1 unit

    Digital workstation            1 set

    24’’ LCD display              1 unit

    Electric cabnit                1 unit

    Collimator                   1 unit

    17”X17” flat panel detector     1 unit

    X ray tube assembly          1 unit

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