Main Parameters
Two different X-ray tubes to choose:
-- Hangzhou LR01 tube 
1. X-ray Generator
Complete solid-state high-frequency high-voltage generator.
Generator Type: High Frequency Inverter 80kHz
Input Power: Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz
Radiographic Ratings: Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs
Small Focal Point 20-35kV/10-100mAs
Power Rating: 6kW
2. X-ray Tube
1) Hangzhou LR01 tube from China
Focal Spot Size Dual Focus 0.2 / 0.4mm
Target Material Molybdenum (Mo)
Port Material Beryllium (Be)
Anode Heat Storage 100KJ
Anode Cooling Air cooling
Filtration Mo 0.03mm Al 0.5mm

3. Radiographic Stand
C-ARM: Vertical Movement: 580mm
Rotations Deg:+175°~-180°
SID: 650mm
4. Cassette Image Receptor
Bucky Device: 18*24cm Bucky drive mechanism
Grid Ratio: 5:1, 30 Line/cm
5. Radiographic Stand
C-ARM Vertical Movement: 580mm
C-ARM Rotation: +175°~°~-180
SID: 650mm
6. Line Voltage
220Vac@25A, Single phase


Artikelnummer: series: victory 20001
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